Our experience has proven to us time and again: the Lower Hudson Valley has a desperate need for better quality water in residential and commercial properties. At AquaMate, we intend to meet that need backed by friendly, courteous service.

Homeowners and plant managers are routinely disappointed in the care and quality of services provided by many local vendors who profess to understand the problems that are unique to our water supply. Our many years in the plumbing business serving our region have given us an in-depth understanding of local water conditions and problems, enabling us to educate homeowners and business owners on a deeper level prior to fixing them.

The following are common water problems in our area and what you should look for to identify them:


Whole House Water Filtration

Stop chemicals, dirt, grit and other impurities before they’re distributed throughout your home’s water supply. A whole house water filtration system can correct impurity, taste and odor issues when bathing, cooking, drinking and washing laundry. Learn More »

Hard Water Correction

Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin and to mineral deposits left behind on your silverware, glassware and more. Hard water is not only rough on your skin, but the deposits it leaves behind can clog your pipes and lead to expensive repairs to your plumbing infrastructure, fixtures and appliances. Learn More »

Iron Removal

Never ruin another garment with unsightly rust stains. Iron water is a common problem in the Lower Hudson Valley, and its unsightly staining can ruin your sinks, tub, commodes and plumbing fixtures, impacting the value and the visual appeal of your home. Learn More »

Sulfur (smell) Removal

If your water smells like stinky eggs, AquaMate can put an end to it. Smelly water can be caused by sulfur or iron in the water supply. A FREE water evaluation will pinpoint the problem so we can correct it once and for all. Learn More »

Chlorine Removal

Chlorine is a powerful chemical that has a role to play in keeping the municipal water supply safe; but not after it reaches your home. It also causes itching and excessive dryness in people with otherwise normal skin, and dries out hair. If you smell chlorine, call AquaMate today! Learn More »

Acid Correction

Acid not only stains your fixtures, it corrodes just about everything it comes in contact with and can cause leaky pipes; leading to expensive replacement and repair of appliances and plumbing infrastructure. If acid water is a problem in your home or business, don’t delay in eliminating it. Learn More »
legionella bacteria

Bacteria Control

That water out of your tap could be packing a nasty punch. AquaMate has the know-how to knock out pathogens and bacteria on the spot with state-of-the-art UV systems that sterilize the water for safe drinking and household use. Learn More »

Reverse Osmosis Purification

Regarded as the best answer to many water problems, reverse osmosis purifies by reducing harmful contaminants and turning tap water into fresh, quality water that’s better for the whole family. Never buy another case of bottled water again! Learn More »

UV Disinfection

Bacteria are more common in your water supply than you may care to know; often lining the pipes that deliver water to your taps. The good news is: Most viruses and bacteria don’t stand a chance against UV disinfecting. Learn More »

Nitrate Removal

Those beautiful green lawns in your neighborhood could be contaminating your water supply and impacting your family’s health. Over fertilization and runoff from heavy rain and other causes raises nitrate content in your water supply. A FREE water evaluation can confirm if your water is safe. Learn More »

Salt Delivery or Pick-up

Running out of salt is never a problem with AquaMate’s Home Delivery Service! Just contact us when you are running low and we’ll deliver fresh salt straight to your door; or it’s always available for pick up. Learn More »

Maintenance Plans

Like anything else, such as your vehicle, your water treatment technology will work at optimum efficiency and performance when it is maintained regularly. At AquaMate, we take special pride in being known for the meticulousness of the services our experienced technicians provide. It’s as if we were never there! Sign up for an AquaMate Maintenance Plan today. Learn More »

Water System Repairs

Just because you didn’t purchase your system from AquaMate doesn’t mean we can’t service your equipment or provide your supplies. As certified plumbing professionals, we have experience servicing all brands and systems. And we’re just as meticulous whether the system is our installation, or someone else’s. Learn More »