Hard Water Correction

sanitizerPlusHard water is perhaps the easiest to spot of all water problems. The minerals calcium and magnesium that contribute to hard water not only leave those white spots on all of your eating and drinking utensils, but they also contribute to the white, crusty buildup on showerheads and faucets. The calcium and magnesium scum can cling to your hair, clog your pores and turn your household cleaning into an even greater challenge. Over time, hard water deposits also collect in your plumbing and appliances, eventually constraining water flow and causing water heaters and other appliances to operate inefficiently to the point where costly maintenance or replacement may be necessary.

A quality water softener system such as the Water-Right Sanitizer Plus® will correct your hard water and in the process improve your quality of life in the following ways:

  • Get a greater lather from less soap and shampoo; your hair will feel softer and be more manageable.
  • Cleaning the bathroom becomes easier with less soap scum and residue.
  • Your skin will maintain its natural oils, leaving it smooth and refreshed without dryness.
  • All of your plumbing fixtures, appliances and pipes will work better and last longer with less mineral scaling.
  • Dishes, glasses, crystal and china are cleaner and spot free.
  • Food that’s boiled or steamed will taste better and more natural.
  • Use less cleaning supplies throughout the house.
  • Linens and clothes and towels feel softer, cleaner and brighter, all with less detergent.
  • Household water pressure and hot water heater efficiency improves with less mineral build up in pipes and plumbing.

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