Chlorine Removal

In their quest to kill bacteria in the water and make it safer for human consumption and contact, municipal water authorities administer chlorine to the local water supply to kill pathogens and various other bacteria in the water and in the pipes that deliver it to your home.

Chlorine can cause a host of problems for those who are sensitive or allergic to it:

  • Inhaling chlorine fumes can irritate the nasal and respiratory system,
  • Chlorine dries out skin and hair,
  • The EPA warns that disinfectants such as chlorine can react with naturally-occurring materials in the water to form byproducts which may be harmful to humans,
  • During a typical shower you may take in the equivalent of six eight-ounce glasses of chlorinated water – possibly even more, according to the Water Quality Association,
  • Bottom line: once chlorine completes its job disinfecting it’s not safe for it to remain in your drinking water.

AquaMate offers several products that will remove chlorine as well as its smell and taste.

The overall best solution for removing chlorine is to install a reverse osmosis purification system. Reverse osmosis will not only eliminate chlorine but it will treat a wide range of other problems. In areas where hard water is present, such as in some city locations, AquaMate can install a reverse osmosis system along with a water softener for a total clean water solution that’s ideal for eliminating two common problems at once.

Trust AquaMate for the most convenient and effective water treatment technologies available for chlorine removal. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you and your family have safe water to enjoy.

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