Whole House Water Filtration

Stop Bad Water Before It Enters Your Home

Whole House Water Filtration SystemAquaMate has several whole house water filtration solutions which are well-suited to water problems in the Lower Hudson Valley. For example, acid neutralizers and filters are used to effectively address specific water problems. They are engineered to use water efficiently, making them easy on your water supply and the components in your well. Our sulfur and iron filters effectively use unique air-injection filtering technology to remove these contaminants leaving you with great tasting, odor-free water that your whole family will enjoy.

Count on AquaMate for expert advice on which system is right for your household and water condition.

Municipal and Well Acid and Chlorine Removal

Our acid and chlorine filters (represented by the letter codes below) are specifically designed to effectively and efficiently treat a multitude of water problems, from both city and well sources. These filters are manufactured to use water efficiently, conserving your water supply and preserving your well and its components. These water filters can provide the quality water you want without all the unwanted minerals, odors, tastes or acidity.

  • IMBF-MAN/IMBF-AN — Ideal for treating acidic water that can corrode entire plumbing systems
  • IMBF-Z — Effectively removes particles that can enter into household water
  • IMBF-C — Eliminates chlorine taste and smell common with municipal water
  • Flexible “adjustable cycle sequence” programming — saves salt and water
  • Advanced history and diagnostic screens
  • Extended lithium battery backup
  • Simple to run, efficient to operate

Municipal and Well Hydrogen Sulfide and Iron Removal

AquaMate’s Air Sulfur (IMS) and Air Iron (IMB) filters are extremely effective in removing hydrogen sulfide and iron, commonly associated with problem well water. These innovative designs use a unique air-injection filtering technology to oxidize sulfur or iron into precipitates that can be readily filtered and removed. These Air Charge Filters are environmentally safe — no toxic chemicals are used like in other systems. The result is simply refreshingly good water from the tap, every time.

  • Solid-state microprocessor control
  • Easily programmed for optimum performance by your AquaMate technician
  • Extended lithium battery backup
  • Advanced history and diagnostic screens
  • Low cost operation

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