UV Sterilizers

Keep Your Family Healthy; Eliminate Bacteria in Water


UV sterilizers can be used on all water types but especially on well water to kill bacteria, protozoa and viruses. They’re also suited for city dwellers where the municipal water experiences frequent boil water alerts.

Our UV systems incorporate a unique stainless steel reactor designed to create an extremely efficient fluid flow path, ensuring that ultraviolet light is effectively delivered to any microorganism residing in the water.

This series comes equipped with an advanced, patented controller which includes a small touch panel switch for viewing a variety of system functions, such as the percentage of UV intensity output, remaining lamp life and total controller running time.

UV Sterilizer Controller

Our low-pressure, high-output lamp technology incorporates an advanced, proprietary lamp coating, ensuring consistent UV output over the life of the lamp.

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Ultraviolet Disinfection System point-of-entry illustration